Vicedirector TG LA7 | LA7

Mr. Pancani is Vicedirector of Tg La7, the broadcast news service of the TV channel La7 and hosts the “Coffee Break” morning slot on the same. In 1987 he was one of the founders of “Vogliadiradio”, the first talk-radio in Rome, one of whose contributors was Giulio Andreotti.
In 1989 he joined the TV station Telemontecarlo, for which he became a news reporter for Italy and then for abroad. In 1997 he took over the direction of the morning schedules. He is the creator and host of “Good Morning Italia”, a news and talk show and presents “Il caffè della domenica” with Alan Elkann. He is a contributor to several newspapers and periodicals (Avvenire, Corriere della Sera Magazine and Panorama Economy). From 2003 to 2005 he was staff member of the foreign press office of the Publication Department of the Prime Minister’s Office. In 2007 he founded SherpaTv, a political and institutional web channel. He also worked as a lecturer in journalism at the faculty of Communication Sciences of the University La Sapienza of Rome. His other roles include advisor to the Italian theatre association (Eti) and member of the Audiovisual and ICT Department of the Rome section.