TV and Radio Host, actor

Gerry Scotti, 62, was born near Pavia, but has long made Milan his home. In the late 1970s, he studied law, but became one of the pioneers of private radio in Italy. After starting out at a peripheral Milanese radio station, he moved to the legendary Radio Milano International, allowing him to share his passion and knowledge of music with a broader audience, and showcase his potential as an entertainer.

In 1982, Claudio Cecchetto wanted Gerry to be the voice that inaugurated Radio Deejay.

The following year saw his TV début, with DEEJAY TELEVISION, the first video clip programme.

It has been an upward spiral ever since, as he presented many of the best-known Italian TV shows: IL GIOCO DEI NOVE, LA GRANDE SFIDA, BUONA DOMENICA, LA SAI LULTIMA, LO SHOW DEI RECORD, LA CORRIDA, PAPERISSIMA, IO CANTO. He became part of practically every Italian family, claiming the early evening segment as his own.  Once again, the list of programmes he presented speaks for itself: PASSAPAROLA, CHI VUOL ESSERE MILIONARIO?, THE MONEY DROP, CADUTA LIBERA, THE WALL.

He also delved successfully into a few sit-coms, with Delia Scala in IO E LA MAMMA and with Maria Amelia Monti in FINALMENTE SOLI. For over a decade, he has worked with Maria De Filippi, Rudy Zerbi and later Teo Mammucari as one of the judges on TV sensations ITALIA'S GOT TALENT and TU SI QUE VALES.

From February to June, he presented the famed live Italian satirical TV show STRISCIA LA NOTIZIA with Michelle Hunziker, bringing much needed good humour into Italian homes during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic in Italy. This autumn he will once again be on our screens in CADUTA LIBERA, CHI VUOL ESSERE MILIONARIO? and TU SI QU E VALES.