Chef - Entrepreneur

Born in 1964 in Bovolone, in Verona province, Giancarlo Perbellini grew up in a family with deep ties to the worlds of catering and confectionery.

He was very close to his granddad, Ernesto, growing up and this instilled in him a real passion for cooking, which was developed at hotel school in Recoaro and then working in many different parts of Italy and France.

In 1989, he opened his first restaurant, Perbellini, in Isola Rizza - a venture that would eventually earn two Michelin stars. 2014 was a critical year for him. Giancarlo Perbellini closed his Isola Rizza restaurant to give himself enough time to concentrate on his latest venture, opening Casa Perbellini that same year on Piazza San Zeno in Verona, a venue that truly upends any attempt at formalism through a rigid approach. Within a year, the restaurant had earned two Michelin stars and in 2016, it gained four "hats" for cuisine excellence from L'Espresso Guide.

Giancarlo Perbellini has won numerous international and domestic awards, helping him to become recognised as one of the leading exponents of top-class cuisine in Italy and abroad.

Chair of Bocuse d’Or from 2010 to 2016, he runs a diverse galaxy of nine food venues: in Verona, the Michelin-starred Casa Perbellini, Locanda Quattro Cuochi, the seafood restaurant Al Capitan della Cittadella, the tapas restaurant Tapasotto, the Du de Cope pizzeria, the X Dolce Locanda pastry shop, the Giancarlo Perbellini Pop Up bistro; in Milan, Locanda Perbellini Bistrot; in Sicily, Locanda Perbellini al Mare, on the beach at Bovo Marina near Montallegro.