General Secretary | Cittadinanzattiva

Since 2012, June, he is General Secretary of Cittadinanzattiva, an Italian non-profit organization founded in 1978, whose main objectives are the promotion of civic participation and the protection of citizens’ rights in Italy and in Europe.
Cittadinanzattiva’s strategy is threefold: empowerment of individuals and organizations; production of civic information; advocacy. The fields in which Cittadinanzattiva is particularly active are health, with the Tribunal for Patients’ Rights, consumer and users’ rights, with the Citizens’ Advocates, education and training, with the School for active citizenship, justice, with Justice for Citizens' Rights, European citizenship, with Active Citizenship Network and Corporate Social Responsibility
Currently, Antonio Gaudioso is also Vice President of Active Citizenship Foundation, senior consultant for CSR and sustainability at World Bank, member of Committee on biotechnology and bio safety of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers and member of several commissions and working group on health in Italy and Europe.